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EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, commonly called Tapping, which clears issues at their core and gives you authentic POWER.

Tapping turns on neuropeptides in your brain which boost mood, increase immunity and enhance mental cognition. EFT rewires your brain and helps your body recover in record time from most anything, giving you more inner strength and resiliency every time you do it.

Tapping makes life flow by ending cycles of drama, trauma and abuse. It allows you to honor your feelings, defrost numbness, soothe anxiety and prevent knee-jerk reactions. It gives you the ability to process your feelings quickly, safely and completely — all with compassion.

EFT is a potent self-healing/relaxation technique that combines Chinese medicine, Western psychology, neurolinguistic programming, breath work and affirmations.

There are decades of empirical, evidence-based research from institutions including Harvard Medical School and the California Medical Research Institute that verify the benefits of EFT and its ability to address a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, acute developmental trauma, PTSD, panic, phobias, sexual abuse, and the emotional aspects of physical injuries, chronic pain and burnout.

Tapping helps clear the causes of financial difficulties, improves self-esteem, increases motivation and heals relationships. EFT works quickly and efficiently to help you grow, evolve and move yourself and your life forward.

As with any healing modality, results are never guaranteed. Yet the success rates of EFT are beyond encouraging, often working where nothing else has.

Tapping offers the chance to feel light, clear, calm, optimistic, emotionally resilient and self-empowered with the ability to self-regulate at any time.

WORLD TAPPING CIRCLE After you’ve logged in via the link we’ll send you in an email or text message, there will be a countdown timer showing you how long you have until LIVE Circle starts.

You’ll also see a video of Sonya Sophia sharing some more info about what to expect while Tapping.Circle Begins

The video at the top of the page will become the LIVE Circle broadcast when Circle begins.

You’ll also see the Core Causes Questions linked above the live stream. It’s a list of powerful questions to help you get to the root of issues so you can Tap at a much deeper level immediately. You’ll have about 5 minutes to complete these questions on a separate piece of paper (not in the chat) — all answers are anonymous.

The chat window will also appear just below the live stream once Circle starts. It’s is only visible during the LIVE Circle broadcast, and it’s not added to the video library when the Circle is uploaded to the membership area.

The host of Circle will check in with you at the beginning and give you the day’s theme. Feel free to be a part of the conversation on any level. During the Tapping portion of Circle, people are Tapping (rather than chatting) so nobody gets distracted. We generally Tap for about 45 min. with a pause to check in.

Following the Tapping session, we have a brief check in to see how it went for you.After CircleWithin 24 hours, members who didn’t Tap with us live receive a link to view the replay of this week’s Circle.Each Circle is also uploaded to the video library in the membership area for future use. The video library is where you’ll find more EFT tutorials, mini Taps and all our past Circles.

Check your time zone due to daylight saving time in the US.


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